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Osteopathic Treatment

Your Health Comes First

Clinic Guidelines

Please see the guidelines outlined below.

  • Appointment timings are: Up to 1 hour for Initial Consultations and 30 mins for Follow Up. However, there will be a 15 minute gap between each session to allow us to clean all surfaces and change PPE.

  • There may be changes to timings after you have booked. Please be aware that your appointment time may change..

  • Before treatment begins you will be requested to sign consent for examination, treatment and to allow your GP to be contacted if necessary.

  • Towels are no longer provided. If you wish to bring a clean, fresh one for modesty/comfort then please do so.

  • Payment is now card based (contactless/chip and pin). Please have the appropriate payment method.

  • Once the session is completed the room and all contact points will be cleaned and disinfected and the room aired.

If there are any questions or concerns then please contact us prior to your session.



Follow Up Session (30 minutes)

If you are a current patient or have been a patient of ours before, your Osteopathic Appointment will include further examination and treatment as appropriate and will take up to 30 mins.



Initial Consultation (Up to 60 minutes)

Initially, a thorough case history will be taken.  This will comprise details of the issue(s) that you want help with.  We also ask about your past medical history, background, work-life, hobbies and general well-being. A physical examination will then take place, at which point you may need to dress down to your underwear, so if you would feel more comfortable please bring some shorts and/or a sports bra. Any physical findings noted during examination such as posture, quality of joint movement, breathing patterns and muscle tone and function will be used, alongside the case history to form a working diagnosis. This will be explained to you before any treatment is carried out, and you will have a chance to ask questions at any point throughout the consultation process. In the event that the problem is something that we cannot help with, we will endeavour to refer you to an appropriate specialist or back to your GP for further tests.

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